Complaints Policy

The New Well aims to provide high quality services for the people who use their services. This aim is supported by a number of organisational policies and procedures which promote good practice, including our complaints procedure which attempts to address any dissatisfaction with The New Well, its services and behaviour of our staff and volunteers.

The complaints procedure is based on the following principles:
• The complaints procedure will be accessible, clearly written and easy to use.
• We will investigate any complaint promptly and resolve it as quickly as possible.
• We will deal with any complaint in confidence.
• No staff member of volunteer who is the subject of a complaint will be involved in investigating that complaint.
• No staff member or volunteer who is related to, or in a personal relationship with, anyone who is the subject of a complaint will be involved in investigating that complaint.
• We will deal with complaints fairly and consistently for everyone involved.
• We will provide direct support to anyone wishing to make a complaint and/or signpost them to other sources of support for help when making a complaint.
• Anyone making a complaint can involve other appropriate services or organisations.
• We will use information and complaints in the monitoring of services and to help improve quality throughout the organisation.

Complaints can be made to any member of staff or volunteer.
Complaints can be made orally, in writing or by e-mail.
Complaints should be dated and, if possible, signed by the complainant.
The organisation will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing to the complainant within 3 working days of it being made.
A decision will be made within 21 days of the receipt of the complaint.

Should the complainant by unhappy with the result of the investigation they have a right to appeal to the Board of Trustees. They should lodge any appeal within 5 working days of receiving the result.