Equality Policy

The New Well is committed to encouraging diversity and eliminating discrimination in all  forms. The New Well will strive to create an environment which promotes dignity and respect  to all. 

The values of The New Well are: 

Welcoming and honouring everyone  

Encouraging connection  

Loving God and one another  

Living in hope 

The New Well opposes all forms of intimidation, harassment or victimisation. It is sensitive to  the diversity of human experience, values and culture and this will be taken into account. This  policy applies to all clients, potential clients, staff and volunteers, however, The New Well  recognises that in order to achieve equality this will not mean everyone is treated in the same  way.  

The New Well will work with the individual requirements so that client’s needs are met as far  as is appropriate. Towards its staff and volunteers, The New Well recognises each individual  for their uniqueness and the special contribution which each may make to the work. The New  Well will make reasonable adjustments for the inclusion of clients, staff or volunteers who  would otherwise face barriers to inclusion. 

The New Well is an organisation founded in the Christian faith and the services we provide  are based on Christian values. All who use the service will therefore be treated with empathy  and respect, acknowledging and celebrating their uniqueness, value and right to make their  own life choices. 

All staff and volunteers will be required to be sympathetic to the Christian foundations of the  service as well as the ethos in working with human diversity, meeting each at their point of  need to journey with them as their need requires, unconditionally and without discrimination  or partiality of any kind.